@ UW

Activities at the University of Washington

The DAMIC group started at UW in 2018. We are one of the member institutions of the DAMIC Collaboration.

Our laboratory is located in B059 of the Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB). We are part of the Physics Department and the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics (CENPA).

Our main activities include:

  • Analysis of data from DAMIC at SNOLAB to search for low-mass WIMPs and other dark matter particle candidates.
  • Characterization of the response of CCDs to low-energy nuclear and electronic recoils, and background sources.
  • Design of the CCD array of DAMIC-M. This includes the engineering and testing of the CCD package and the CCD array.
  • Packaging and testing of DAMIC-M skipper CCDs.
  • Deployment of DAMIC-M skipper CCDs in underground detector.