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Viewpoint: The Hunt for No Neutrinos

Jonathan Engel and Petr Vogel article regarding the neutrinoless double beta decay process: 'Viewpoint: The Hunt for No Neutrinos'.

Published March 26th, 2018

TED Talk with Cabot-Ann Christofferson

Cabot-Ann gave a TED Talk called 'The Case for Curiosity'.

Updated Dec. 8, 2017

NPR Interview with Jason Detwiler

Jason was interviewed on KNKX (88.5 FM) by Gabriel Spitzer for a piece on his program "Sound Effect" about ultra-rare phenomena.

Updated Nov. 4, 2017

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Press Release (link)

Updated Aug. 3, 2017

Majorana student Adam Caldwell led demonstrations of copper electroplating at Neutrino Day 2015. Photo by Ashley Paisley. 

Neutrino Day 2015 

Neutrino Day was a huge success, with 1,800 people attending activities and presentations at SURF. MAJORANA Collaboration scientists gave lectures, led hands-on demonstrations of copper electroforming and glovebox work, and answered questions on a live broadcast from the 4850' level.

See more in "Deep Thoughts."

Updated Aug. 12, 2015


"Testing the Nature of Neutrinos"

The MAJORANA Demonstrator was recently profiled in Symmetry Magazine. Also, check out their Q&A with Randy Hughes, the MAJORANA Collaboration's underground machinist.  

"Scientists below the surface"

After their visit, Symmetry Magazine also answered the question, "How do you get to work when your office is a clean room a mile below ground?" Take a look at the answer to learn more about every-day life in the MAJORANA Collaboration!

Updated Sept. 4, 2015



The Black Hills Pioneer covered the start of Cryostat 1 comissioning.
Updated June 23, 2015
The MAJORANA Demonstrator was profiled in Physics World. 
Updated Oct. 8, 2014
LUX and the MAJORANA Demonstrator were covered in an essay in Harper's Magazine.
May 2015
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Updated Mar. 30, 2007 

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