COVID-19 Checklist

COVID-19 Checklist:

  1. If you are sick, you must stay home and notify Jens/COVID-19 officer.
  2. If the work can be done remotely, do it remotely
  3. Before coming to work, experimenters must reserve their workspace using this form:
  4. Before coming to the lab each day, each person must self-attest to their health in Workday: 
  5. Wear PPE (face mask and gloves) when entering CENPA
  6. PPE must be worn in the lab or in common areas including hallways, restrooms, or machine shops.
  7. Maintain 6 feet distancing from others
  8. Before entering Room 101, all entrants must sign in to the form posted on the exterior door of the lab
  9. All personnel must disinfect door handles when entering/exiting the lab
  10. All personnel must disinfect worksurfaces (computer desk, touch points) upon entry and exit. 
  11. Disinfect tools before and after each use.


The COVID Commandments


PI: Jens Gundlach. COVID-19 officer: Charlie Hagedorn


  1. In addition to the requirements stated here, all lab personnel must adhere to the Physics Research Recovery Plan, posted at, containing specific PPE and decontaminantion guidelines and giving further resources.
  2. All on-site work must use the minimum-possible number of personnel.
  3. Coming to the lab is voluntary -- no personnel are required to come to the lab.
  4. If you are sick, you must stay home and notify Jens/COVID-19 officer. -- If Covid-19 is suspected in any personnel, Jens will contact Larry Yaffe and all CENPA researchers.
  5. PI will provide training in procedures for all on-site personnel, documenting date and attendees as with other required trainings. -- Training will be carried out over Zoom, and documented with our lab-specific SOP training.
  6. Jens/COVID-19 officer will hold weekly virtual group meetings to review schedules, coordinate, and remind personnel about hygiene and safety procedures.
  7. Before allowing visitors to visit the lab, they must get permission from Jens and the COVID-19 officer. Their visits must be tracked by both online-reservation and sign-in on the laboratory door.