KATRIN: Sprinting Toward Neutrino Mass


After many years of painstaking design, construction, and commissioning
work, the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino experiment (KATRIN) is poised to
begin taking neutrino-mass data this month. I will give a brief highlights
tour of the recent commissioning campaigns that have helped us
characterize and gain confidence in our apparatus, before sharing some of
the remaining puzzle pieces that must be finalized for our first
neutrino-mass result. I will discuss a few novel background sources,
strategies for spectral fits, and a selection of systematic effects. These
considerations will guide us in shaping KATRIN's future.

Speaker : 

Prof. Diana Parno, PhD (Carnegie Mellon University)


Presentation at 3:45 PM, NPL 178 Coffee and cookies starting at 3:30 PM